New Computer Setup - Installing Programs - Installing Security Software - Installing Drivers

You did your investigated and have bought the perfect computer. However, you’re impatient to start emailing, sharing photos, surfing the web, and downloading music and movies. Protect yourself waste time and frustration, TekSupportSquad take care of all from setup to moving your data and programs so you just need to relax and enjoy your new computer.

Your new computer may be loaded with bloatware or settings you don’t like. TekSupportSquad can optimize your new computer fast and consistently.

We can assistant you set up your new computer, install programs, install security software and install drivers remotely through TekSupportSquad Support without having to unplug your PC or Mac:

  • Assist setup your new pc
  • Carryout upgrade compatibility assessments
  • Set up endorsed provider packs and patches relaxed your laptop
  • Save you your computer from slowing down by means of optimizing at set durations
  • Transfer information between your new pc and your vintage one
  • Assist you to put in or upgrade your programs to a new edition


So you bought a new computer and you're ready to set it up. This could seem like an overwhelming and difficult task, so if you need help, TekSupportSquad deliver services online to help you! Call 1 713- 589-6496. Let us assistant you setup your new Computer! Our experience and kindly staff have benefited setup plenty of new computers in homes and businesses.